Seasoned Yoghurt

Seasoned Yoghurt Seasoned yoghurt is a good one to have up your sleeve for the chops, the sausages and the meatballs. Seasoned Yoghurt 200ml plain yogurt Juice of 1/2 a lemon ½ clove garlic [...]


Lahmacun In summer serve lahmacun with wedges of lemon, slices of ripe tomato and a big bunch of flat leaf parsley to put in the middle and roll up before eating. In winter replace the tomato [...]

Kid Leg Roasted Over Rice With Cinnamon

Kid Leg Roasted Over Rice With Cinnamon This kid leg roasted over rice is a simple way to feed a crowd and looks fantastic when you put it down in the centre of the table. Kid Leg Roasted Over [...]

Kid & Quince Tagine

Kid & Quince Tagine Tagine is perhaps the best-known North African dish and deserves its notoriety. The combination of spice, fruit and meat is greater than the sum of its parts. Kid & [...]

Kid Meatloaf

Kid Meatloaf An American classic, Meatloaf is a great way to feed a few people. Kid Meatloaf – Serves 4 2 medium onion, finely chopped 1 carrot – peeled and grated 1 tsbp vegetable oil 750g [...]

Kid Cassoulet

Kid Cassoulet Cassoulet is a fine, fine thing… Kid Cassoulet – Serves 4 (with seconds…) For the basic beans 400g dried white haricot beans – soaked overnight in cold water [...]

Braised Lentils

Braised Lentils The Italian meatballs and the sausages both go well with the braised lentils. Add a spoon full of salsa verde of the full Italian effect… Braised Lentils – Serves 4 [...]


Flatbreads Homemade flatbreads are so easy and so much better than shop bought ones. Make them once and you’ll never buy them again. Flatbreads  – Makes 10 300g strong white bread flour [...]

Slaw & Beans

Slaw & Beans Slaw is a very versatile side, good with the meatballs when stuffed in a pitta or with the chops just off the barbecue. Also good with chops off the barbecue and with a healthy [...]


Polenta Polenta is a much underrated and underused ingredient. It makes a wonderful accompaniment to the kid cooked in milk, or any of slow cooked goat recipes. Polenta – Serves 4 900ml [...]

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetables Roasted Vegetables make a great addition to all the Cabrito range but perhaps best with a roasted shoulder or leg. Roasted Vegetables – Serves 4 3 large potatoes, cubed 1 [...]


Fattoush These two fattoush recipes are taken from the fabulous ‘Five O’Clock Apron’ cookbook written by Claire Thomson. They both work really well with grilled chops or the sausages. [...]

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